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Lantern Lights | Shapes, Sizes, and Styles

Lantern Lights
Illuminating And Decorative. Indoors And Out

Lantern lights are popular for good reasons. The lights look great and cast captivating shadows while providing needed illumination. They come in a wide range of styles and colors so it is possible to find the perfect light to match any décor. They are in use inside and outside as well as in homes or businesses.

The paper lantern is one of the more popular lights to set a festive or party atmosphere. These are often on the patio or above the yard. Illuminating the area at night while giving off a cheery feeling. Paper lanterns can also cast romantic glow and shadows depending upon the type of paper used; lace paper is great for lights as in a romantic setting.

Types of Lantern Lights

These lantern lights come in large sizes too that slip over a standard light bulb. These are round, oval, or rectangular, and come in various colors or the traditional white style. These cast a more uniform glow; that makes them ideal to use as room lighting on the floor or desk lamps.

Many people enjoy decorating with the Chinese lantern. The Chinese lantern is a style of the paper lantern that has an Oriental flair. It is often with symbols of China such as dragons or plum blossoms. These are ideal for rooms with an Oriental décor but are also great as single attention-getting accent pieces.

The Japanese lantern is very similar except these are often rectangular in shape or spiral; covered in silk instead of paper. These lantern lights are also available as single lampshades or as strings of lights as patio décor. These can set a somber business tone or a lighthearted party mood; so they are ideal for just about any setting.

Not all lantern lights operate on electricity but use candles instead. Even some paper lanterns use candles when they are set out to line driveways, or used as sky lanterns to float through the night sky. Normally, a candle lantern is made from metal and glass though so it isn’t a fire hazard.

Candle Lantern Lights

A candle lantern protects the flame from the wind so it continues to shine brightly even when carried around outside. These lantern lights are usually rectangular in shape with four glass panes that let the maximum amount of light shine through. Not only are these lanterns pretty to look upon, but they are also quite functional since they can be in use as a primary light source when camping or during a power outage.

Lantern lights are typically known as they can be carried from place to place; using an attached handle that doubles as a hanger. However, in the case of the paper lanterns, these are usually stationary lights. Today even though in olden times they were created for the purpose of protecting candle flames as people moved around.

Lantern lights have been popular with mankind for centuries because they helped light the way through the darkest nights. Today they are just as popular for their illuminating qualities and for their decorative flair as well. The best thing about lantern lights is that they are very affordable; so it is easy to take advantage of their unique qualities even on a tight budget.

A Paper Lantern

Sets The Mood Through Illumination
The paper lantern has a long history of use throughout the world. Paper lanterns were, and still are, very popular in China and Japan. Many modern lanterns are designed with an oriental flair to reflect this heritage. Today paper lanterns come in various shapes, colors, and materials. They are used as decorative accents as well as illumination and can be used indoors or outdoors.

In the simplest of terms, a paper lantern is a light from paper and a light source. These simple lights are also called luminarias and are commonly seen adorning driveways during the Christmas season. They are made by placing tea lights or candles inside paper bags. While beautiful, these simple lights are not very versatile or safe; so most paper lanterns today operate on batteries, electricity, or solar power.

A common shape for the paper lantern is the globe. However, these lights can also be ovals, cylinders, teardrops, or any other geometric shape. The paper covering of these lanterns adheres to a metal frame of hoops or bamboo. So they can be designed into just about any shape or size imaginable.

The type of paper used in the construction of a paper lantern affects the type of shadows it casts. And the amount of illumination it gives off, so they are suitable for various types of moods. Lanterns made from lace paper cast mysterious shadows that are ideal for an intimate or romantic setting. Solid rice paper lanterns offer more uniform lighting and can light a home or office.


The paper lantern can be in all sizes as well. Tiny lanterns operate off of smaller LED bulbs or other types of little bulbs. Some lanterns are small enough to use as Christmas lights to wrap around the tree. Strings of paper lanterns you can hang from the patio or strewn above the yard; as the perfect backdrop for an outdoor party.

Paper lanterns also come in more standard sizes and even supersizes that are in festivals or to adorn temples. In modern homes, the paper lantern is commonly there as a lampshade and comes in sizes from twelve to eighteen inches. The inside of the lantern has a metal clip that slides over a standard light bulb just like a traditional lampshade, so setting up a paper lantern is easy enough for anyone to do.

Since the clamp slides over an existing light bulb, the lanterns can be with floor lamps, desk lamps, or even ceiling lights. Being available in a wide range of materials and colors, the ambiance of a room can be quickly and easily changed by switching paper lanterns.

A paper lantern can update the look of a room at very little cost. Paper lanterns are quite affordable as well. It is easy to find an attractive design for less than five dollars. A paper lantern is the ideal accent piece for just about any décor, inside or out, and is sure to draw admiring glances from house guests.

Chinese Lantern 

Bring A Touch Of The Orient Home
A Chinese lantern is a fun decorative lamp for the home or patio. They are also in restaurants and other businesses as well. They are perfect for all settings and have a long history of use in China. Today they are just as popular in the western world and are in use for both illumination and décor.

A Chinese lantern is from rice paper that houses a light source. Traditionally a candle was in use. The rice paper covered a frame made of bamboo hoops that held the light away from the candle. These lanterns are in many different sizes and used extensively in festivals and celebrations. Some were even designed to take flight when the candle was lit. These are sky lanterns. When many of these were set off at once during festivals, the night sky would be filled with floating glowing lights.

Sky lanterns and traditional Chinese lanterns are still popular in that part of the world today, but their construction has been updated for use in the modern world. The Chinese lantern still holds onto its oriental ambiance but is usually made from collapsing metal hoops and operates off of electricity so they are safer and more versatile.

Special Style for Your Home

A Chinese lantern can be a beautiful accent piece for a home. Commonly, the lantern itself is merely a lampshade that is over an existing light fixture. They are still from rice paper because of the unique glow it creates. The paper is available in a range of colors from white, blue, red, green, and everything in between. Oriental designs and artwork can also adorn these lanterns such as paintings of plum blossoms or dragons.

Thanks to wire instead of bamboo frames, the Chinese lantern today can take on different forms as well. It is possible to buy square and oval shapes in addition to the traditional globe or round shape. They also come in many sizes from small string lights to large lamp shapes. Even sky lanterns have become more modern and are from fireproof paper so they are safer to use and last longer. These Chinese lanterns are great fun for kids and to commemorate special occasions.

One of the great advantages to the Chinese lantern is that it is very affordable, especially when buying a lantern to use on an existing light fixture. Beautiful styles, reminiscent of the Orient cost for less than five dollars.

Chinese lanterns are ideal for rooms with an Oriental décor but they are also perfect as simple accent pieces in just about any other type of decorating scheme. Although paper lanterns have been used for centuries with candles as the light source, they are still somewhat unusual in today’s homes, so they are sure to draw interest and admiring looks.

Candle Lantern Lights

Useful And Decorative Lighting
The candle lantern is one of the oldest forms of portable lighting used by man. It provided illumination and safety when used as a stationary light but could also be carried when one had to venture into the darkness. Before the candle lantern, people had to carry lit torches or capture dozens of fireflies to use as temporary lighting. While the candle lantern usually doesn’t have to perform lifesaving tasks today, it is for simple decoration.

Candle lanterns are great to have in the home for emergency use during power outages. Candles provide illumination but are difficult to carry from room to room without accidentally putting the flame out or burn by hot wax. A lantern makes it easy to move about with the candle. In fact, being mobile is the whole purpose behind a candle lantern.

A candle lantern houses the flame inside a protective covering of some sort so it is safe from wind or rain. It is possible to walk around outside and use a candle lantern to light the way. A candle lantern is usually from a metal frame with glass panes so the light can shine through but the flame remains safe. The lanterns have a carrying handle on top that makes it easy to hold onto the light without fear of being burned. This handle can act as a hanger when the light is at use in the home.

A candle lantern doubles as a lamp when used inside the home. It gives off illumination yet is safer than traditional candle holders. Much more care must be taken with candle holders and that means light may not get into areas where needed most.

Lantern Lights for Outdoor Use

In addition to using a candle lantern during power outages, they are also ideal to use on camping trips. Of course, flashlights and solar lights are also great to have along, but nothing beats the soft glow of candlelight in the great outdoors. They will provide much-needed light and set an intimate mood at the same time.

It is even possible to get a candle lantern in traditional Oriental style that is in rice paper. These cast mysterious shadows and give off a subtle glow that will enhance a patio or outdoor area. Sky lanterns are a fun type of candle lantern from rice paper that takes flight when the tiny candle lits at the bottom. When the air inside the lantern heats up, it rises and floats through the night sky until the flame goes out.

Even if not used for practical reasons, the candle lantern is still a decorative accent piece. Candles are famous for creating ambiance. And candle lanterns are great for this purpose but they can also are to enhance an area even when not lit. They come in a wide variety of styles and finishes so one would look perfect in any room décor. The candle lantern is both useful and decorative and has a place in modern homes today just as it did in times gone by.

Japanese Lantern

Perfect Accent Piece For The Home
A Japanese lantern is a fun lighting piece that will give living space a unique ambiance. The lantern itself has an Oriental flair and the glow it casts is beautiful by the choice of paper or silk used in its construction. A Japanese lantern can be used as a single decorating piece or several of them can be strung together and used to set a festive mood.

Traditionally, the Japanese lantern is with bamboo hoops in rice paper. The illumination was provided by a candle. Eventually, silk replaced rice paper and the lanterns took on a whole new look. The bamboo hoops split to form spirals so the lantern could collapse when not in use. The lanterns were a primary means of illumination for the home, and when affixed to rods, could be made portable. The rice paper or silk protected the flame from the wind so the lantern was the ideal form of lighting.

Today, the Japanese lantern is still from silk or rice paper but is usually with a traditional light bulb. The lanterns are commonly on sale in the same way lampshades are, and then placed on an existing light. This keeps the price extremely affordable. In the case of string lights, the bulbs and wires are part of the lantern and must all be purchased together.

The Japanese lantern comes in round, rectangular, or oval shapes just as in times of old. They can also be in spiral shapes in silk. These are often famous as souvenirs and from more affordable papers or plastics that might be more suitable for a one time use as party decorations.

Japanese Lights Today

Japanese lanterns today are easy to use, often as easy as hanging light or slipping on a new lampshade. However, in times past, the Japanese lantern was a sophisticated light source. For home illumination, a large lantern was often used that could be carried or placed on top of a stand. This was usually rectangular with paper stretched over the sides. There may have been a shelf inside for the candle to sit on and a drawer on the bottom that made it easy to replace the candle.

Some were for large room illumination, others were for bedside use. Others were at the entrances to places of business and had the owner’s name printed on the side. Japanese lanterns are still very popular in the country today, and although they have modernized to operate from electricity, they still retain their original beauty and form.

As home décor, the Japanese lantern can perform several functions. It can be for a soft light that sets the mood for intimate dining or as a focal point for the whole look of a room. The lights can also be above the yard for outdoor illumination with a unique flair. Although beautiful, Japanese lanterns are also quite affordable so they are the perfect accent piece for any home.



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