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Best Fitness Watches Review

Choosing the Best Fitness Watches

It depends on several different factors such as whether the fitness watch is for a man or woman, the type of fitness you will be doing, favorite style and the price range.
Certainly, there are hundreds of fitness watch styles to choose from with price ranges from in the low $30 to as high as $700.
Of course, the functions available on the watch as well as the brand will influence the price. However, the following ten are the top-selling and the best fitness watches for men and women.


1. The Polar FT60

  fitness watches     

This is a very popular style due to the number of features it provides. Surely, this is one of the more expensive brands and styles. However, there are a number of excellent features making it our number one pick out of the top 10 best fitness watches.
To point out, the watch is available in men’s and women’s designs


a fitness test
History for 100 workouts
Optional GPS or foot pods to track speed and distance
Tracks heart rate and calories
Calculates zones based on current fitness level

2. The Bowflex Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

best fitness watches

To begin with, it does not require a chest strap and has excellent features making it #2 in our top 10 best fitness watches list.

Large LCD for easy viewing
Continued heart rate display
Time of day

3. The Nike Imara

nike fitness tracker

To clarify this is one of the best fitness watches designed especially for women.

Timer for workouts
Counts calories burned
Tracks cardio with a programmable heart rate zone
Two countdown timers

4. The Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS

best fitness watch

In short, that is a top-of-the-line fitness watch you can get for a little. Also, there are several excellent features that easily make it our 4th choice in our best fitness watches list.

Multisport Mode for running or cycling
Displays up to four points at once
Measures speed and distance
Cadence sensors
Stores up to 20 workouts

5. The Polar RCX5

fitness watch polar

As can be seen, it is light and thin with several features.

Automatically sets heart rate zones
Calculates the level of fatigue before a workout
Sport-specific training plan options
Can be used with ZoneOptimizer
Web app to view progress, training loads, and recovery time

6. The Nike Plus GPS Sport Watch

nike watch

Straightaway this is one of the best fitness watches with the most features for an inexpensive price.

Tom-Tom GPS chip
Links to Nike Plus Shoe sensor and Polar WIND heart rate monitor
Tracks speed, distance, elapsed time, and heart rate
Reminders to workout
USB connector in the clasp
Excellent software program
Tracks routes
Foot pod included

7. The Garmin Forerunner 910XT

Likewise, this fitness watch is one of the higher-priced choices in our best fitness watch list.

Designed for water sports
Tracks swim distance
Stroke count
Counts laps
Swolf score
Links to Tanita scale to track weight and body fat
Barometric altimeter for elevation totals
User-friendly software for graphs, maps, and charts
Tracks heart rate changes in elevation

8. And one of the lower-priced, but excellent women’s fitness watches is the Tech 4 Accelerator Women’s Sorbet

tech 4 watch

The personal profile which allows the user to customize for the specific body type
Countdown timer
Daily alarm
Easy-to-use menu system
Stylish and colorful

9. The Adidas Fitness Control II

adidas watches

Stylish and comes in styles for both men and women, too.

10 lap memory
Digital design
Comfortable strap
Interval timer

10. Suunto t4c

fitness watch

Lastly, The Heart rate monitor and fitness trainer watch by Suunto is making it to our 10th most popular watch in our top 10 list of the best fitness watches.

Real-time, average, and peak heart rate
Easy to lock buttons during heart rate mode
Easy-to-read display
Training effect prediction

How to Choose the Right One for My Needs?

Last but not least, the watch you choose should be easy to read and have a user-friendly manual or software program. If your fitness program consists of a specific sport such as cycling or swimming, it is best to wear a monitor watch designed specifically for the sport.
It should be noted that these are only a sample of the best fitness watches available, there are many others to choose from so you are sure to find one within your budget.



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