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Best Outdoor Cat House for 2023

Outdoor Cat House. Information for All Cat Owners

We will give you help and advice before you buy an outdoor cat house!
Most cat specialists can tell you that it’s best to stay a cat indoors. It is a truth that indoor cats can live 3 to 5 times as long within as their outside counterparts. Outdoor cats seem to not live as long thanks to inclement weather, busy roads, disease, famine, and predators.

Why Does Your Cat Need It?

The matter is that several indoor cats pay their full lives needing and to wanting urge outdoors. They need to get pleasure from the sun, chase insects, eat the grass and get pleasure from the outdoor air. Several cat owners these days are trying to find an approach to present their cat the most of each world.
Several owners are currently turning to outdoor cat houses that enable cats to relish the skin world; whereas still safe from those bad things which will cut back life expectancy. These outdoor cat houses enable felines to bask within the sun, get much-required exercise. To eat grass that assists their gastrointestinal system and simply get a breath of fresh air.

If you would like a cat to be ready to travel outdoor and be safe; then your best action is to shop for an outdoor cat house. To choose the proper outdoor cat house you’ll wish to confirm that the fabric that the house is created out of includes a tiny mesh grade. That it’s entirely enclosed, which offers the cat with enough area to climb freely and walk around. You’ll conjointly need to search for an enclosure that’s durable enough to safeguard cat from dog attacks; and durable enough that cat will climb while not the edges of the house from collapsing.

Which Outdoor Cat House?

At first, I quite fancied an ancient picket cat house. However, then I recognized that protecting and staining it every year would be another chore to feature to my list. I wished one thing that would not need any maintenance and appearance engaging within the garden perhaps even adds a little bit of color or creates it into a feature. Thus those beige domes were conjointly out of the list.
The sole down facet was the value, the price slightly over the alternative cat houses I would see on the Net. I’ve got to accept that I love planning. However, the sensible aspect of me needed to grasp whether or not that additional was value paying for, therefore I did a very little analysis.


  • It will be mounted to the bottom – there is no approach my monster cat might knock it over and hurt herself.
  • The cat house had a straightforward to keep up wipe-in a position outer shell – no scrubbing or staining
  • The cat house comes with a detachable cat flap cowl – keeps in the warmth, however, comes off for simple cleaning
  • It is got an insulated cushion – creating it nice and cozy.


The cleaning method of your outdoor cat house depends on the type of materials which it is made from. If it contains fleece, woolen or similar soft materials, these can often be put in the washing machine on a gentle and cool cycle, but always check to confirm this. As for washing the rest of the house, you should remove anything you can first before attempting a standard soap and water scrubbing session. Many of these houses feature large openings which make it easier to reach inside and do the necessary cleaning work.

Top Pick of Online Buyers: Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter

If you’re looking for a cat house for outdoors this one will keep your pets safe and happy for a long time, the Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter is a perfect choice. Built of durable cedarwood, this cat house weighs in at over 45 pounds, making it light enough to move easily, but sturdy enough to stay where you put it. The space inside of the house is as follows: 27.5″ x 17.5″ x 20″, making it a cozy hideaway for a single cat – if you want you could even put a little litter pan and a bowl of food inside. This house could easily hold more than one cat if you leave it as it is without putting other stuff inside.

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter

This cat house comes with two doors. The door in front is open but shielded with an awning to keep the rain out. The exit door in the back is with a plastic flap. The house comes with a front step that can be at use as a sunning porch by your cat and a flowerbox that attaches to the side of the house.

The floor of the cat house is detachable for easy access to the interior. This makes it easy to keep it clean. The sturdy feet hold the house six inches off the ground, which prevents water from getting in when it rains. While this cat house doesn’t come with insulation, the floor has a pre-drilled hole in it, so you can place a heating pad with an extension cord inside the shelter during cold weather.

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Shelter Key Features:

27.5″ X 17.5″ X 20″ interior
Sturdy construction
Non-toxic water-based paint
Front step
Escape door with a plastic flap
Detachable floor
Six-inch feet

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