Weed eaters

Weed Eaters keep the weeds under control

While you may love the way a beautifully manicured lawn and landscaping looks, you may not necessarily enjoy the process of maintaining this beautiful-looking yard. However, you can, fortunately, look forward to getting some great help from the latest line of weed eaters.

Weed Eaters Brands

From known brands such as Makita weed eaters and Stihl weed eaters to some of the up-and-coming brands, you can look forward to excellent quality that makes it easy and even enjoyable to master your lawn care responsibilities and keep your lawn and garden area the best in the neighborhood. And the latest options won’t just help you with your residential lawn care needs as you can also find plenty of top-quality commercial grade weed eater blades that will help you to efficiently power through a wide variety of lawn care jobs.

Sometimes also referred to as weed whackers or string trimmers, these models are extremely popular items because they offer a flexible range of uses for both homeowners and commercial businesses. From daily garden care to occasional touch-ups around the yard and from heavy brush clearing to precision cutting, trimming, and edging, there are few things these models can not do.

Weed Eaters accessories and parts

And with such a wide variety of weed eater accessories as well as a great selection of weed eater parts and attachments, you can also upgrade your current model with relative ease, allowing you to adapt your current model for a particular lawn care job with great convenience. These weed eater replacement parts and accessories that are available also make maintaining and repairing weed eaters very simple and involve very little effort.
In addition, since we all work in different ways and have different physical abilities, it is also nice for consumers to know that there are some great variations in the latest models that allow for customized lawn care experiences.

For example, both homeowners and commercial lawn care agencies can choose from both handheld weed eaters as well as wheeled weed eaters or weed eater lawnmowers, which will allow them to pick the perfect model for their own specific work style and psychical capabilities. As part of this variety, you can also look through your options for gas-powered weed eaters as well as electric weed eaters or cordless weed eaters for excellent flexibility.
Whether you are looking to rid your lawn of weeds or keep well-manicured sidewalk lines, take some time to review our resources and weed eater reviews for the models that will best help you with your particular needs.

Weed Eater Trimmers

weed eaters trimmers

If you need to make sure that you maintain absolute precision with your yard work then you will certainly enjoy what the latest weed eater trimmers have to offer to you. These models are designed to make it very easy to maintain a very well-manicured lawn and landscaping area. Plus, countless people report on just how easy it is to use these machines.
One of the absolute favorite features of these machines is their excellent maneuverability. These machines are small enough to help you get at some otherwise very hard places, allowing you to apply a great deal of detail to your lawn and garden maintenance. Not only that, but these models feature a design that is very light in weight which means you will not have to worry about straining your back and arms in order to get your yard work done.

Weed Eater types

Weed eaters are categorized by the type of power they use

Gas-Powered Weed Eater Trimmers

Cordless/Battery-Powered Weed Eater

Corded Electric Weed EaterElectric Trimmers

Plus, you can find gas, battery, and electric powered trimmers for great flexibility in your selection. All models offer their own distinct benefits, but both will also help you to cut the time it takes you to trim your garden and lawn in half. In fact, you just might actually have fun using your new trimmer.
And all of these newer models are all made to deliver highly efficient functionality, which means you won be required to use as much power and you will still be able to trim even some of the more stubborn weeds and undergrowth.

And for the even better value, you can also look forward to a greater degree of reliability from the latest models.


  • Under $50 – basic line battery-powered or corded weed eater for a very small yard that only needs a few times a year
  •  Between $50 to $100, for small weeds and small to mid-size yards,
  • Between $100 and $200, you can find a two-stroke weed eater/edger battery- or gas-powered.
  • Above $200  two and four-stroke engines weed eater/edger, some professional-grade, capable of taking on the toughest of weeds heavy-duty machines can be run for extended periods of time.


  • Always wear safety goggles, and covered shoes – when using a weed eater.
  • Check weed eater manual for the tickness of line requires. Thin Line can reduce cutting power, on the other hand, lines that are too thick can damage the motor.

What to Look for in a Weed Eater

  • Power Source – Like many yard tools, weed eaters come in outlet-powered, battery-powered, and gas-powered varieties. Gas powered weed eaters are more powerful, but require you to have gas on hand and may be more difficult to start up. Electric options are less powerful, but can be easily recharged or plugged in for lighter jobs.
  • Rotating Head – Some weed eaters can also be rotated to serve as edgers, which cut perpendicular to the ground, rather than parallel to it. That feature means you can clean up areas around your sidewalk or driveway without buying another yard tool.
  • Adjustable Length – If you anticipate multiple members of your household might be using the weed eater, look for one with an adjustable shaft that can be made longer or shorter, depending on the height of the user.


Buying a Weed Eater may seem quite intimidating to a non-technical person. When it comes to choosing between gas, corded electric and the cordless ones, your choice should be based on the size of your yard, budget and also your preferences. Make sure you buy a fair-priced, easy-to-maintain weed eater capable of taking on the toughest of weeds and brush. That’s for sure wraps up our lesson on Weed Eaters.