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The Best Exercise Bikes of 2020

How to Find the Best Exercise Bikes

While all three of these options look good, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages, you have to find a bike that meets your needs the best. There are four major factors of exercise bikes that you want to consider when selecting the right one for you. This includes comfort, quality, functionality, and costs.


You will be using your new exercise bike on almost a daily basis, so you have to be sure that it is comfortable. This may be the most important feature because if the bike is not comfortable, you are likely to stop using it. Be sure you look for a bike that has padded seats and a comfortable backrest. This will help support your body while you are riding.

You also want to find a bike that is fully adjustable and allows you to move the seat so you can touch the pedals better. This is a crucial element because no two people are built alike, so the bike has to be able to accommodate your specific shape and size.


You also want to select The Best Exercise Bikes that is made with high-quality products and is designed by a company that is well-known for making reliable exercise equipment. This will add to the life of your bike and provide a smoother ride. Steel frames are usually the best option when it comes to exercise bikes. The steel is very strong and can handle daily use. Leg stabilizers are also important because they will prevent the bike from tipping over while using it.

Functionality of Exercise Bikes

Functionality is another important feature because it helps you get the most out of your bike. You may want to look for an exercise bike that has a monitor attached that display important fitness stats, such as the amount of time you have exercises, how far in miles you have ridden your bike, and what your current speed is. Additional statistics that some bikes include is the number of calories you burned during your workout and what your current heart rate is. These stats may seem insignificant at first, but they will help you track your progress and stick to your specific fitness plan.

In addition, a bike with several different resistant levels is a must-have. This allows you to increase the intensity of your workout as you improve. Without this option, your fitness level will likely plateau and you will not be able to work towards increasing your speed and endurance. Several different resistant levels should be more than enough for most exercise bike riders.


Finally, you want to consider the costs involved with purchasing the exercise bike. You must look for one the fits within your budget. Do not be fooled by bikes that come with a lot of added features, but also come with a high price tag. While all these features may look great a first, you must ask yourself if you really need all those extras and if they are worth the extra money it costs. Oftentimes, you will find that you do not even use half of these additional features after you purchase the product anyways.


After careful evaluation of all three of these great exercise bikes and after examining the comfort, quality, functionality, and costs of each bike, we have determined that the best exercise bike on the market is the:

Best Seller of The Best Exercise Bikes

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Mini Cycle

Exercise Bike for Leg/Arm Pedder Portable

ProForm Bicycle Indoor Tour de France 5.0



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